Der Graffiti Sprüher Ohm One steht verpixelt vor einer Wand. Er trägt einen grauen Kaputzen Pullover und schwarzes Cap

Tim "Ohm One" Siemokat

Born in 1977, Tim Siemokat is what they call a Hamburger Jung – a true Hamburg original. Raised in a neighborhood that was a hotspot of the city’s emerging graffiti scene, he was inspired by the early tags and pieces popping up around him in the late 1980s. He first picked up the spray can in the early 90s, fascinated by this diverse subculture that began taking over urban spaces – and that today has such an impact on the worlds of art, design and media.


A trained interior decorator, he eventually switched gears and retrained as a media designer, thus turning his creative drive into a full-time job. Since then, typography has had a strong influence on his work: countless hours sketching in the lab produced increasingly intricate concepts and designs, laying the groundwork for the elaborate concept murals he became known for as a graffiti writer.


Initially starting out as an in-house graphic designer in advertising, OHM ONE has been working as a freelance art director for more than 10 years. While his love for letters never waned – the Hamburger is an active member of Super Bad Boys, one of Germany’s most acclaimed style-writing crews – he has long developed into a multifaceted artist and visual designer.


Today, his diverse experience has produced an eclectic style that seamlessly merges urban culture with the world of graphic design. Fueled by an obsessive attention to detail, his penchant for meticulous planning and laser-like precision in execution has come to define his output. Whether he works with brushes, spray cans or markers, on paper, canvas or concrete, OHM ONE continues to push the boundaries and create innovative and original work across the disciplines.





Sieben Eine Gruppenausstellung
Xpon Art, Hamburg





Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg 


GO! Urban art meet digital art
Game Over, Berlin


Sieben Eine Gruppenausstellung
Xpon Art, Hamburg





SBB - Beyond letters Groupshow
Stone, Berlin





Sieben Eine Gruppenausstellung
Xpon Art, Hamburg

OhmOne Logo und In Graffiti we trust Schriftzug auf einem dunklem Hintergrund.
OhmOne Logo und In love with letters Schriftzug auf einem dunklem Hintergrund.

Mr. Ohme One – Candle Mr. Ohme One – Candle